AGC Invitational Qualifiers FAQ’s
Version 1.1 3rd October 2018

1. Do I need to have a registered affiliation with a federation to enter AGC events?

    No affiliation is required. Australian Grappling Championships is an independent, Australian founded organisation.


2. I registered for a specific weigh division but need to go up/down a division, is this possible?

Yes, our divisions are written in the final week leading up to a tournament and due to this we can cater to last minute changes as they happen.


3. I registered to compete, but have injured myself and cannot compete at the tournament on the weekend. Is there anything you can do?

   Whilst injuries leading up to an event can happen, it’s also a common occurrence and these things do happen. Our procedure is as follows:

   More than 3 weeks prior to tournament = full refund
   3 – 1 week out from tournament = Option of refund or credit towards next AGc tournament
   Less than 1 week = credit towards next AGC tournament

   *please note this procedure will also take place in the event of a competitor not being able to take part in the event


4. What is the difference between Absolute and Super Absolute Divisions?

    Absolute divisions are only inclusive of all weight divisions in a single experience level, much like an open weight division.

   The super absolute divisions are all weight and experience levels combined. Winners or high performers of these divisions may earn their place or gain invitation to following Invitational              events later in the year.


5. How will I know what submissions are legal to use on the day of my competition to match my division skill level?

  At each tournament AGC provided pull up banners which has a comprehensive list of legal and illegal submissions each experience level can use. AGC also recommends you look at our          competitor’s rules and guidelines listed on our website.


6. Is my coach allowed to corner me during my match?

    Yes, in fact we in courage each competitor to get as much support as they can. At each of our events coaches will have the ability to sit in a designated coach’s chair on the side of the mat.


7. How is the AGC Teams cup score calculated?

   AGC takes into account all division winners on the day. We then tally the results up and at the end of the day the AGC Teams cup is awarded to a representative of the winning team.


8. What do I wear when I weigh in?

    Each competitor is welcome to weigh in wearing competition gear or casual clothing. However at the point of weighing in the competitor much ensure they meet the required weight in order      to compete in their desired weigh division. If a competitor fails to make weigh they will have up until 60 minutes prior to their first match to have made the required weight or forfeit their place      in the division.


9. What time should I arrive at AGC events?

   AGC recommends that you arrive at least 60 minutes prior to your matches are due to start. By arriving early it will account for quickness of event running times and ensure that your                   adequately warmed up prior to competing.


10. Can I register to compete at the door of AGC tournaments?

      No, AGC tournaments are strictly pre-registration only. This is due to divisions being produced and released 3 days prior to the event taking place.


11. Can I take photos at AGC events?

      Yes, we encourage competitors and spectators to take as many photos and videos as they wish.


12. Do you have EFPOS available for spectators?

     Yes, AGC offers both cash and card payments for spectators to come and watch the event.


13. I am a head coach of an academy, do I need to pay entry to watch?

    No, AGC will not charge head coaches entry to watch and corner their athletes at AGC tournaments.

14. Do I have to pay for my kids to watch and spectate at AGC tournaments?

     AGC offers free entry to all children under the age of 8 years.


15. Will there be change room facilities at the tournament?

      Whilst AGC spends a lot of time in finding ideal tournament facilities across the country, we cannot unfortunately guarantee that each location will have change room facilities.


16. Will the division lists and times be available to view at the tournament?

      Yes, we list all divisions and place them in a designated spot located within the tournament arena.


17. Are the first aid officers at AGC events?

      Yes, all AGC events have first aid officers and areas put in place. All first aid staff hold first aid qualifications and are highly experienced with medical backgrounds.